Why Pearl lovers are accelerating – 7 Secrets

Pearls have always been a status symbol for jewellery lovers for decades. Even the young blood of the 21st century has an inexplicable affinity towards the natural beauty of pearl that can be worn at all times! The pearls that were embraced on The Royal Mughals, the Egyptian Emperors and many others are now adored by our new fashionistas too. 

So, here are 7 secrets why every generation fall in love with pearls and it still stands apart from other precious jewelries.

1.  Unique Among all Gems

One of the major reasons to fall in love with pearls is their sheer uniqueness. Among other precious gems like diamonds, rubies and emeralds, pearls are the only one obtained from the deepest depth of the nature without any human intervention.

Another unique quality of pearl is its variations in colours including white, golden, pink, black, grey, bronze and even more if you include the dyed pearls! Now this uniqueness is missing in most of the precious gems like diamond, rubies, etc.

2.  Pearls are tagged with “Forever” 

Pearls are tagged with Forever tag for the reason that it can be worn at any occasion, be it the wedding, small celebration or even in your daily wear. Though there are many other reasons for it to be called as forever like lifetime guarantee many sellers give, shine that never fades, style that never runs out, trend of pearl is always in and the list goes on.

3.  Brings in the Star in You

Pearl is not just a precious gem but a jewelry that connects people, hearts and style. You are definite to get the attention with pearls on you and it bounds to make head turns and make you the star of the party.

4.  Classy and Flashy 

Pearls are favourite among all jewelry lovers because it matches the taste buds of both the classy stylers and the gaudy lovers. This is a big reason why we see pearls loved by all kinds of celebrities and famous personalities from the Queen of England to Cardi-B and Deepika Padukone! 

The wide varieties of pearls in colors, shapes, designs, it becomes very convenient for jewelry lovers to select their piece in the colors of their choice. So either be classy in single white string of pearl necklace paired with pearl ear drops or go trendy with the stylish pearl pendants paired with pearl bracelts.

5.  Small Wallets to Big Accounts

Pearls not only come in various shapes and colors but also in wide range of sizes and types. From tiny rice pearls to huge seawater and South Sea pearls, the options are as vast as the ocean they come from! Also, there are wide range of categories including fresh water pearl,sea ater pearl, Tahiti pearl, akoya pearl, and the list goes on. Though they are all natural but the supply and the way it has been sourced decides the price and it can range from few hundreds of dollars to hundred millions dollars.

6. One in the World 

Pearls are naturally obtained and so the shape they come in are unique and two pearls cannot be of the exact same shape as they occur naturally similar to as it is next to impossible to find 2 humans of the same features.

This unique feature make it more lucrative for jewelry lovers to buy and wear the unique piece that is only available to them on this Earth once they buy them and on the top of it, it will shine and stay with same value forever.

7. Royal Tradition and Rich History

Pearl has its place in the history since humans started possessing precious gems. Royal families across the globe have been found fond of wearing pearls and thus it is in a way have been a tradition of wearing it as a status symbol too to follow and continue the tradition of Royals

Be it the Royal Mughals or the Nawabs of Hyderabad, even the Roman and Egyptian Emperors were all in love with the pearl. Many research on them has revealed this fact as pearls were found in many instances of our history.


Among all the gems we have, pearls are the only gems that occur and is formed naturally in a living creature. Though there are few cultured pearls available but majorly there are least modifications done in their shine, shape or lusture.

Every pearl is thus unique and a pure gift of nature. It comes in so wide variety in its shape, color, size and prices that every jewelry can afford to buy the pearl jewelry of their choice and flaunt in their style.

It is well said, “Take a little time to do, whatever makes happy you,” so if you are among the pearl lovers or if you want to buy the first pearl of your life, buying it now will be your best decision ever. Wear it, Sparkle with it and go classy and flashy with it.